Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions about
Ambulance and Paramedic bills.

We process Ambulance, Paramedic, Fire and HazMat bills for over 70 different emergency service agencies. It is important to identify the agency name that is printed on the invoice you received when communicating with our office.

  1. How do I contact you to give you insurance information or discuss my account:

    Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
    Our toll free number is 1.800.901.1155
    Our secure website is www.AmbulanceBill.com

  2. Who sets the rates that the ambulance or paramedic service is charging?
    The Connecticut Department of Public Health regulates all ambulance and paramedic services and establishes a rate schedule for each service annually. The charges are taken from this schedule and correspond directly to the services provided to each patient on each trip.

  3. Why did I get two bills, one from the ambulance and one from a paramedic service?
    In many communities, paramedic level service or Advanced Life Support, is provided by a secondary service. While there is a Basic Life Support service assigned to every community, paramedics are sometimes supplied by a separate agency. Each service renders a bill.

  4. I have Medicare, why is the separate paramedic bill not covered?
    Medicare provides payment for ambulance transportation but they don’t cover the paramedic charges when the medic is supplied by a second agency.

  5. Who called for the paramedics, I only dialed 911 for an ambulance?
    The 911 system is designed to send any and all resources necessary based strictly on the complaint provided to the dispatcher. Certain medical complaints automatically generate the highest level of care (ambulance AND paramedic) in accordance with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health guidelines.

  6. Medicare only pays 80% of the charge. Am I responsible for the 20% balance?
    The Medicare Part B program pays for medically necessary ambulance transportation. The program requires that patients pay 20% of the fee (just like a doctors office visit). This 20% payment can be satisfied through any of the Medi-Gap supplemental programs, a retirement benefit plan or by the patient personally.

  7. I have Medicare and I was in a car accident…how is this handled?
    Medicare will require that your auto insurance is billed first. If they send you a no med pay letter or denial of coverage please send that to our office and THEN we can bill Medicare for you.

  8. Why am I getting this bill, I gave my insurance information at the hospital?
    In almost every case the ambulance service is a separate agency from the hospital and in some cases the two entities don’t share the information. Please contact our office and provide us with your insurance as we’ll submit the claim for you.

  9. What is this authorization form for, and why should I sign it?
    This form allows us to submit the claim for you and to negotiate with your insurance carrier to try and get the claim paid according to your policy guidelines. Medicare requires that a signature be on file and, under State of CT law, the signature allows us to implement the Mandatory Assignment of Benefit statute to require the carrier to pay the ambulance provider. This can assist you by limiting the frustrating need for your interaction with the insurance carrier.

    If you are the Power of Attorney for someone your signature does not make YOU responsible for the charges, the patient is still the responsible party since they were transported and treated.

  10. I have no insurance, what can I do?
    Contact our office. Each of our clients have specific policies dealing with no-interest payment plans, a few accept credit cards, there may even be hardship policies that we can offer you.

Contacting us is easy:

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

Our toll free number is 1.800.901.1155

Our secure website is www.AmbulanceBill.com

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